December 01, 2004

More Than a Month

This blogging thing is a lot more effort than I realized. It sure doesn't seem like much just to take a minute and jot down some thoughts. Just by looking at the post dates you can tell how well I have been doing on that!! I suppose the whole two job routine doesn't make it any easier. I updated my email signature with a blog link in the hopes that I would subliminally persude myself to write more if I knew people were going to be reading my posts. So far the only post I have received is from my daughter berating me for not posting often enough (heavy sigh).

Most recently I have joined the ranks of the MSIE disenchanted and have downloaded a new browser, Firefox, that is a really good application. So far I like it better than Internet Explorer. It is safer to use and it seems faster. Oh, and it's free! It's put out by Mozilla. According to their website there has been nearly 8 million downloads of the browser. They have partnered with AOL and Netscape in "browsering" (new word?).

A web browser is not much to talk about but it's my little slice of free time escape. As an added bonus it's always nice to do something that could potentially have a detrimental effect on Microsoft.