September 01, 2020

Where Do I Live?

 In years past I felt like my fellow citizens were all a cohesive set of Americans. Increasingly, let's say since Y2K, we have become two America's. I used to have differences with my friends on the nuances of certain policies or politicians. Now it seems the differences are on the very foundation of America and our way of life. It's as if an infection has spread throughout the country. An infection of socialist thought.

I would directly blame our educational institutions for this infection. Initially, I would say there is low-level subversion (or at least lower) in the elementary, middle, and high schools. Colleges and Universities are the metastasizing force behind this cancer. Children's minds are prepped for this infection in their early education and then fully indoctrinated at the upper levels. These institutions have instilled a foundation of cynical denial of the truth as it has been rewritten to conform to the socialist's version of events. There is no longer any objective truth. What disturbs me is when I hear someone utter the catchphrase, "my truth". Truth has now become relative. Men and women are not necessarily what they appear to be. We all can be "gender-fluid", or non-binary, or whatever we want to call ourselves because truth is no longer objective. Historical truths have been twisted to be something else. 

Secondarily, the media is the most in-your-face conspirator in today's world. The days of old where news outlets provided information so the people could come to their own conclusions are long gone. Corporate media is now actively distributing false information as well as lying by omission. One of the most harmful lies of omission recently has been the misrepresentation of Donald Trump's words after the ill-fated Charlottesville, VA rally where a person was killed. This misrepresentation has been regurgitated so many times by dishonest media outlets that a casual political media viewer (ie: the vast majority of Americans) believe it to be factual. In 1943 the Communist Party issued a book of directives to Communist Party members in the United States. One directive was the use of misinformation. This is where the phrase "a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth" is derived from. The media has taken that advice and run with it. They erroneously tout themselves as "speaking truth to power". A laughable notion if you see what they are actually doing. Most of the public is still somehow lulled into believing that news organizations are presenting factual truths. There is nothing farther from the truth. The only way to find the actual truth of a "news" story is to spend inordinate amounts of time hunting for the actual truth. It IS out there but it is getting more difficult to find as both sides of the political spectrum are injecting themselves with desperation into media. Both sides vying for eyeballs and clicks and the almighty dollar.

August 31, 2020

Lifestyle Changes!

 The end of October 2019 my wife decided to go on Weight Watchers (now called WW). After about a week and a half, she asked me if I would join as well. Admittedly, I wasn't totally on board with the idea. It was, however, difficult for her to do the program with me NOT being on it. I decided that I would compromise with her. She had a huge Starbucks habit. I figured if I could offset the cost of going to Starbucks nearly every day with paying a monthly plan fee for WW, I would come out ahead. Never would I have believed that I would become a huge WW proponent.

I initially didn't think I would be thrilled to be doing the program with her. We attended the in-person meetings (pre-COVID). My first weigh-in I was down 2.4 pounds! I started November 1st and was thinking that the upcoming holidays would be a bust. Well, at the November 22nd weigh-in I was down 5.6 pounds! I was floored. I wasn't working out, or walking, or doing cardio. All I had done the previous three weeks was change what I ate.

By this point I was wholly on-board with what we were doing. I wasn't going overboard and probably "cheated" more than I should have on the weekends. Yet, I was still losing weight. I was pretty amazed at that point. After the holidays I began doing some workouts. I did ten minutes or so on the elliptical every day for a while. That kind of trailed off as I began to start using dumbbells for an upper body workout. I would alternate dumbbells one day and bodyweight exercises the next.

Fast forward nine months. I'm down forty three pounds! I've been at somewhat of a plateau for a couple of months. I'm hovering around the 180 pound mark. Having started off at 221 pounds, I am still in awe at the progress I achieved. I never could have imagined that I would have lost this much weight in this amount of time. Having someone to share the journey with definitely helps! I think trying to do it alone would have been much more difficult. 

I'm ten pounds from what WW says is my goal weight. I think I can make it. I may need to focus on some cardio. Not my favorite thought but I am certainly willing to try. This has been a life changing experience and I am very grateful that I chose to participate with my wife! 

May 06, 2019

Life is Never a Done Deal

Embarrassingly, I admit it has been fifteen months since my last post. I had been doing some record keeping in a journal style app and also became busier with the transitions that were occurring in my life.

Since my last post I have had more life changes than I care to list. Some of my own making, others I was at the mercy of. I retired from my job of twenty eight years in April 2015. Some training I received there set me up for my next job in May of 2015. I took a three day weekend after I retired and started the new job the following Monday. Life cruised along quite nicely for three months until my father in law passed away. The home we were living in was owned by him. We had previously lived in another house owned by him in another city in the Bay Area. We seized upon an opportunity to move a year earlier when my sister in law and her husband bought a house on the other side of town in their smallish, somewhat rural community. We moved from the urban sprawl to a quiet street in that small town that was far enough from the city to feel small but close enough to make the trip if necessary. Our son remained at the house in the city and was able to get a couple of roommates so he could afford the rent.

After my father in laws passing, the sister in laws decided to sell those two houses I just mentioned. As this was just beginning to proceed, I nearly lost my wife to a triple brain hemorrhage. She was in a coma in the hospital as the sale plans on the houses continued. I ended up quitting my new job to care for her. With the exception of one Saturday afternoon when my pastor and two others came to help me move the heavy items out of the house and into the PODS storage containers I had rented and a few days where my brother was in town, I had to move out of our house by myself.

As I mentioned, I quit the new job to care for my wife. While she was in good hands during her forty six days in the hospital, she needed and advocate because she was unable to communicate for the majority of that time. It wasn't until just a couple of weeks before she was transferred to a rehabilitation facility that she was able to converse in any significant fashion.

[fast forward three years]

The beginning of this post was written shortly after my wife's strokes. It's now three years later in May of 2019. We bought a home outside of Cincinnati, Ohio about half an hour from our daughter and the grandsons. It's in an amazing neighborhood that we couldn't touch if it was in California. Our neighbors are awesome and my commute is less than ten minutes. At this moment, life is good and we've been incredibly blessed by God to have had truly miraculous recovery from strokes.

January 10, 2015

Since I Have Too Much Free Time

Well, actually I don't. However this link came up while browsing quickly through Digg's news app. I am not sure what category of news this page would be filed under but I am glad someone, somewhere actually had too much free time and took advantage of it. Thank you interwebs for stimulating my cortex.

Scroll Slow. Have Fun.

January 09, 2015

Trampoline Time

I put together a trampoline for the grandson's that their great Uncle Mike gave them for Christmas. They really have a good time on it.

My kids had one without the safety "cage". Big thanks to the lawyers for ruining everything fun.

And, They're Off....

I have a priceless package coming in the mail. Yesterday I initiated the process of applying for my pension benefits. While it is still a number of months away, it made me a bit giddy to know the ball is rolling and the paperwork to apply for benefits is in route.

I also received a phone call from the HR department of Fuel Delivery Services. Several days ago I had filled out an employment inquiry form on their website. Just basic information about myself and expressing interest in working with them.

Two instances on the same day cementing the reality that retirement and job change is truly on the way.

November 14, 2013

Every Noise at Once

The Every Noise at Once webpage was mentioned on the Armstrong and Getty radio show. Joe Getty has mentioned it several times over the last few weeks but I had never taken the opportunity to check it out. It is truly a unique resource.

If you've ever heard a journalist, talking head, hipster or even a friend mention a particular music style, this is the place to go to find out what the heck they are talking about. The conversation would go something like this;

"Dude! Have you listened to 'Killing Amnesty'? They're a new post grunge alt. country band."

You think to yourself, "Post-grunge? Alt country? I don't have a clue as to what they are talking about. Can somebody please tell me what those music genres sound like?"

Well, here you go. Every Noise at Once is just what you were asking for. There are clips of every music genre under the sun that also includes links to band listings.

Be sure you clear a spot on your calendar. This may require a commitment of time.

September 03, 2013

Advancing Into The Future

That's a really grand title for something rather mundane. I purchased a domain name for myself. A whopping $2.98 on Not that having a blogger address is a bad thing, but having a personal address seems to give my ego a sense of  "special". Now all I need to do is get the word out. Unfortunately .com and .net were spoken for but I think a .us address is a reasonable one to remember.
Anyhoo, you can now find me at

1/9/2015 Edit 
I've let the domain expire so we're back here to blogger now.

August 23, 2013

August 09, 2013

A New Frontier

I received in the mail today a new gadget. An Acer Iconia A700 tablet.I must admit I am more impressed than I thought I would be. I knew a tablet would be a larger venue than my phone but I didn't realize how much easier it would be to use.

 My wife has been trying to get me to blog more. I always say I don't have anything to write about. Well, maybe now I will get my butt in gear and try to write less sporadically. Notice I didn't say write more, I said less sporadically. I wouldn't want to paint myself into a corner, you know.