September 01, 2020

Where Do I Live?

 In years past I felt like my fellow citizens were all a cohesive set of Americans. Increasingly, let's say since Y2K, we have become two America's. I used to have differences with my friends on the nuances of certain policies or politicians. Now it seems the differences are on the very foundation of America and our way of life. It's as if an infection has spread throughout the country. An infection of socialist thought.

I would directly blame our educational institutions for this infection. Initially, I would say there is low-level subversion (or at least lower) in the elementary, middle, and high schools. Colleges and Universities are the metastasizing force behind this cancer. Children's minds are prepped for this infection in their early education and then fully indoctrinated at the upper levels. These institutions have instilled a foundation of cynical denial of the truth as it has been rewritten to conform to the socialist's version of events. There is no longer any objective truth. What disturbs me is when I hear someone utter the catchphrase, "my truth". Truth has now become relative. Men and women are not necessarily what they appear to be. We all can be "gender-fluid", or non-binary, or whatever we want to call ourselves because truth is no longer objective. Historical truths have been twisted to be something else. 

Secondarily, the media is the most in-your-face conspirator in today's world. The days of old where news outlets provided information so the people could come to their own conclusions are long gone. Corporate media is now actively distributing false information as well as lying by omission. One of the most harmful lies of omission recently has been the misrepresentation of Donald Trump's words after the ill-fated Charlottesville, VA rally where a person was killed. This misrepresentation has been regurgitated so many times by dishonest media outlets that a casual political media viewer (ie: the vast majority of Americans) believe it to be factual. In 1943 the Communist Party issued a book of directives to Communist Party members in the United States. One directive was the use of misinformation. This is where the phrase "a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth" is derived from. The media has taken that advice and run with it. They erroneously tout themselves as "speaking truth to power". A laughable notion if you see what they are actually doing. Most of the public is still somehow lulled into believing that news organizations are presenting factual truths. There is nothing farther from the truth. The only way to find the actual truth of a "news" story is to spend inordinate amounts of time hunting for the actual truth. It IS out there but it is getting more difficult to find as both sides of the political spectrum are injecting themselves with desperation into media. Both sides vying for eyeballs and clicks and the almighty dollar.

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