November 09, 2005

The Vacation So Far....

The plans were mostly set and the outcomes highly anticipated. Then, of course, my vacation started and everything changed. Sound all too familiar? Mine actually started on a Saturday afternoon when I got off work. I was essentially a vegetable the rest of the day and went to bed probably around 8:30 or 9:00pm. Sunday the plan was to make the late service at church except that when I woke up, I was already very late for the late service. I slept about 15 hours. I guess when you go that long you really need it!

I planned to make my first day of vacation a do-nothing day. I caught up on all the TiVo'd programs that were just taking up space since I never have time to watch the toob. One of those being Shootout on the History Channel. There were a couple episodes about Marines and Army Rangers in Fallujah, Iraq and Afghanistan. They document actual firefights with the soldiers who were there. Another episode was about the Doolin Gang and a bank robbery that went awry. Guy shows, I guess. . "My Name is Earl" is a show I watch when I get the chance. Unusual. I would have to say though, for a vegetative state of mind, that would be a top notch show. My particular favorite is "Monk" on the USA network. It is one of the few comedy shows on TV that is laugh-out-loud funny. In fact it is good enough that I would actually buy the DVD's of the show. I find the buying of DVD's of a TV show to be a rather peculiar act so I guess it would say something of the show if I were willing to spend money on it.

But enough of the vegetable stew. The real vacation involves finishing (a stretch) my kitchen remodel that has been going on for waaaay too long. I have counter tops to install and tile, cabinets to trim and complete, floor tile to remove and replace with slate, etc. Ahh, the joys and relaxation of a week of vacation! Don't forget the unfinished (is there ever really a "finished") honey-do list! Bathroom towel bar, living room curtain rod, garage, backyard, painting, need I go on? Quick, get me my drink with the little umbrella before I just plain give up and go back to work so I can rest a bit!