January 28, 2010


I have been beaten down and chastised for my severe lack of posting. I must admit that I have become almost blase' about my blog. I don't know if it is due to a change of direction in nearly every aspect of my life or simply growing tired of the whole scene.

In the last year my job has changed locations twice. The hours I work my shift are steadily creeping backwards. Twenty some odd years ago I started work at the liesurely hour of 3:00am. As of 2009 the start of the shift has become 11:00pm. It's only a few hours but a drastic change in lifestyle. In this same year I have also become a grandfather. This has probably been the single most life-altering change of my current nearly 'empty nest' life. You've probably heard someone say that they wish they could have been a Grandparent before being a parent. I must whole heartedly agree with that statement. Being a grandparent is such a joy.

To spread that joy, I urge you to view the most inspiring video ever made. It just so happens to star the very grandbaby that has altered my perception of life

January 01, 2010