December 01, 2004

More Than a Month

This blogging thing is a lot more effort than I realized. It sure doesn't seem like much just to take a minute and jot down some thoughts. Just by looking at the post dates you can tell how well I have been doing on that!! I suppose the whole two job routine doesn't make it any easier. I updated my email signature with a blog link in the hopes that I would subliminally persude myself to write more if I knew people were going to be reading my posts. So far the only post I have received is from my daughter berating me for not posting often enough (heavy sigh).

Most recently I have joined the ranks of the MSIE disenchanted and have downloaded a new browser, Firefox, that is a really good application. So far I like it better than Internet Explorer. It is safer to use and it seems faster. Oh, and it's free! It's put out by Mozilla. According to their website there has been nearly 8 million downloads of the browser. They have partnered with AOL and Netscape in "browsering" (new word?).

A web browser is not much to talk about but it's my little slice of free time escape. As an added bonus it's always nice to do something that could potentially have a detrimental effect on Microsoft.

October 29, 2004


It can't be almost October! I haven't been published in weeks!! I am sooo wrong for the blogosphere! The shame that I bring to the table, the lack of professionalism, the lack of intestinal fortitude to go beyond the bounds of human endurance to achieve the highest goal of daily postings or even multiple daily postings!! Wow, that was a meandering sentence.

I'm not worthy.....

September 30, 2004

Another job proposition??

Strangely this comes at a time of change in my current job. The other manager that I've worked with for nearly ten years has taken a position at another location within the company. That means his job is up for grabs. I have an inkling as to who might want it but nothing is a sure bet. The main reason I have stayed at the current location is because we have a good working relationship and we are also good friends. We have both been talking about moving on to another job within the company because this one is becoming unmanageable. I had tried for another job (see previous posts) without success.

This job offer is beyond the confines of the current job. This would require a major shift in outlook on life in general. I would be working days instead of nights. If the pay is right I could quit my second job (that alone would make it worthwhile!)The position would have no protections like the current job does. There would be no guarantees of any type. It would, however be a fascinating place to work! If the company could meet the salary requirements I listed on the resume I would seriously consider the move. It's rather unnerving considering all the implications of the change. Nearly 18 consecutive years at one job and in a leap of blind faith leaving that comfort?? Hmmm, I don't know!! I'm currently waiting for them to contact me. I think if I knew that they wanted me and had an idea of what my responsibilities would be, I could make up my mind fairly easily.

More to come....

September 17, 2004

How stupid we are!

This MSNBC article has about as much rationale as Dan Rather saying that even if the documents are forged we still need answers to the questions in them. The headline is completely misleading. There were WMD's post Gulf War and there was a massive cover-up by the Iraqi regime. This is verifiable through the UN's own documentation.


It's a rather lenghty documentation but if you scroll to some key dates you can see the pattern of blatant deception and refusal to cooperate with inspectors. Start with 19Mar1992 then skip to 1Jul1995, 8Aug1995, Sep1997, Oct1997 and 8Apr1998. If you read all of the entries between these dates you see comment after comment of refusals, denials, retractions, failures, rejections, condemnations and the list goes on.

The MSM hopes that the "sheeple" will only read the headline. Their ADD symptoms will barely allow them reach a cognitive conclusion from that one broken sentence. All the information the "sheeple" will need is contained in that brief headline statement of "Iraq had no WMD".

You will be assimilated....

September 16, 2004

Wow! Blogs can do that??

I am in awe of the impact that bloggers have had on the Rathergate or docugate or whatever scandal it should be called. Huge Kudos to the Hugh Hewitt show for consistantly having blogger guests on his program. It's really an exciting time for the "blogosphere". There are people just like you and me (well, maybe not me...or you for that matter) that are having an impact on the national political scene and helping keep the crooks in line and under the microscope.

A few short months ago I signed up for this "blog thing" I heard about from a friend. I really had no idea how important it already was. I was a victim of the MSM even though I thought I was getting some alternative news here and there. The sheer amount of punditry available in the blogospere is mind boggling. Granted not all opinions are as tasty or filling as others but the vast menu makes it impossible to go hungry for news and information! I could only hope that one day my simpleton opinions will be bantered about on the Northern Alliance Radio Network or linked to from Little Green Footballs or Powerline. Oh, that I would have an eight hour (or less) work day and be able to blog for another 16!! I suppose the meals of Top Ramen and Saltines would aggravate the family types that live in the house. A ration of iced Chai and some other blended beverages that cost waaay too much should squelch any signs of rebellion for a day or two.

September 04, 2004

September 03, 2004

Post RNC buzz

Two posts within 5 days!!
This must be my new leaf turning over. I think actually it was the motivation of a positive message from the RNC this week. I know I must be a toatlly pathetic political geek to have watched the convention. I even went so far as to TiVo it so I wouldn't miss Bush's speech!

I really feel proud to be an American after a week of uplifting motivational speeches which helped to keep us focused on our goal of destroying the murderous Islamo-fascists. The recent kidnapping and murder of hundreds of Russian men, women and children by Chechnyan seperatists (STOP CALLING THEM THAT! THEY ARE ISLAMO-FASCIST TERRORISTS!) only reinforces the need for us to be on the offensive and to completely obliterate Islamo-fascism. These evil barbarians have no regard for human life. Therefore it is only fitting that we have no regard for their lives in hunting down and killing every last one of them.

Oh, My!! that doesn't sound too politically correct Mr. Blogger!

You are correct! If we do not destroy them first, it is obvious that they have no qualms about destroying us. It is a horrifying thought to actually be advocating killing people. Unfortunately the terrorist Islamo-fascists do not have the same moral foundation as the civilized world. These fanatical zealots kill their own children by encouraging them to be homocide bombers. They teach them how to kill "the infidels" in their perverted "schools". They teach their children that they will be glorious martyrs when they murder innocent people in their quest for religious world homogenization. Islam is the only true religion and all non-believers should be killed they are told. They tell them that allah will bless them and let them rape 72 virgins in "heaven" after they kill their innocent victims and their selves. What a disturbing tenet of a violent religion that is. If we do not kill them first, they will, without batting an eye, kill us. It may be very disturbing but I certainly think we need to get them before they get us!

How many more horrific murders need to occur before you sheeple understand that this is not just a fight for America, it is a fight for civilization! WAKE UP!!

August 28, 2004

Hanging my head in shame

Yes, I am the lowest form of blogger. That of the "doesn't post more than once a quarter" ilk.

I humble myself before you in the hopes that your venom will not exacerbate my already putrid wounds of shame.

Wow, now that was an awful senetence. I wonder if that could win one of those "worst" writing contests. Anyway I am informally apologizing for my lack of blogging persistance. Those of you who have already received a formal apology from me verbally may skip this post and wait for the next one.
(that might be a while considering my posting history!)
Of course, you have already completed reading this post if you read this far. Again my apologies for being a pitiful blogger. I will strive for timely updates in the not too distant future!

Do the right thing and visit this site and send a link to anyone you believe could benefit from it.

June 27, 2004


When the opportunity knocks sometimes it's hard to tell if it's for you or not.

Maybe I should take the position. It certainly has better days off and they don't rotate every month. The hours are a little more tolerable. I would get my Class A drivers license which could benefit me in more ways than one. It would lead to a pay raise at the part-time job. That's good. There would be less "customer service" involved. The current position essentially only deals with customer problems, never a really positive aspect to my day. I would be basically on my own to complete the task. I like that. I would be able to attend church regularly again. I really miss going. Right now I only have a couple months out of the year when I can go since I work most Sundays. I rely on music alot to help me maintain my faith.

The drawbacks are a bit less money. The start time is early evening. That kind of shoots down my social calendar. Although....come to think of it....I have no social calendar so it really doesn't weigh on me that much. I would hardly see the family during the week but I would have every weekend off. I would be stuck on the job for at least one year before I could move to another one. My workday would start around noon at the part-time job and finish about 3am at the regular job. It appears I may have more sleep time with this arrangement but it would also require me to work four days a week at 2 jobs. Currently, depending on my days off, I generally only work 2 jobs on two days a week. Consistently working 4 straight could take it's toll. Another important consideration would be that I would have to TiVo almost all of the San Jose Sharks games since my start time would be before game time. I realize this is a minor distraction to most of you but it does require some consideration

So much to think about and I only have until Wednesday at noon to decide. Say a little prayer.

June 23, 2004

Working for the weekend...sort of.

It's Friday and not a moment too soon! Well, Friday for me that is and not actually a FULL Friday. Only a partial Friday really. I don't get a true Friday until Thursday after the part time job. Then it will be the eve of the actual Friday. Which, in reality will be my Saturday. The weekend, which only lasts for the actual day of Friday because part of the partial Friday was used on Thursday which is my regular jobs' Friday, will be a welcome respite (probably an improper sentence).

This means that on Saturday, which is my Monday at the regular job, I can enjoy my Sunday from the part time job. Since every weekend is a three day weekend at the part time job, I can actually enjoy two consecutive days as Sundays. This would mean that my regular job Tuesday is also a part time job Sunday giving me the additional energy recharge from an added weekend day while participating in a midweek regular day. This midweek regular day then becomes an internal expression of hope, extending beyond the single hump of hump day to resemble, shall we say, a camel with two humps. This camel would have additional reserves of water because of the added hump. Translate this into work days and you have an additional reserve of energy provided from the additional hump day of Tuesday (from the part time job). This of course is not to be confused with the Monday hump day from the regular job. Therefore my Monday at the part time job is a hump day Wednesday at the regular job.

Please pass the duct tape.

June 22, 2004

At son's graduation 6/9/04 Posted by Hello


Please, please stop with the alphabet soup channels (AbcNbcCbs) "news" about Bill Clinton's book. Where's my duct tape? I can't take it!
Sitting, staring, waiting. That's how the whole blogger thing works, right? You sit in front of the computer, stare at the screen and wait for inspiration.

(crickets chirping)

I think it's, that's just indigestion. Must be the 5:30 am Turkey and Ham Pannido. How about those Giants! Not being a follower of the sport I suppose I shouldn't make remarks that sound like I might be interested.
It's that time of day where I'm "in between" jobs. I just had an exhilirating rush of adrenaline when I punched the timeclock. That lasted all of a nano-second knowing I have to drive across the bay on the Dumbarton Bridge to punch another time clock. I like to take the optimists point of view when relating my work situation:
"I'm fortunate enough to have 2 jobs when 5.6% of the population doesn't have ANY job!" (oh what I wouldn't give to be gainfully UNemployed).
I believe I should muster up enough blind ambition to head out the door to do all that bay crossing, time clock punching stuff. I'll save the good stuff for later....

June 21, 2004

Adventuring into the blogging universe!

This could be interesting.... or embarassing! We'll find outsoon enough!

I really have no idea when I'll find the time to do this. Working two jobs takes up a fair amount of my day. Thanks Ron S. for sucking me into this vortex! How much of your day is taken up by working (hah, see I gocha!). This combination of voyeurism and narcissism must be hard to beat since there are so many people doing this! Oh, also I really need to make a mental note to myself to not use so many exclamation points while blogging. It seems that the sweat from all that excitement is annoying to some folks.