April 26, 2006

The Horror! (well, sort of)

Back a few years (7 or 8 I believe) at a San Jose Sharks v. Chicago Blackhawks game, the hockey equivalent of a bench clearing brawl goes down. Now, no one actually comes off the bench, but every player on the ice gets involved in this altercation including the goalies. Yes, yes I deplore and by no means condone any of the violence shown yada, yada, but who can NOT watch this!!!

Click Here to watch!

Fuel For Your Playoff Appetite

One of my all time favorite BIG hits by Kyle McLaren of the San Jose Sharks on Petr Cajanek of the St. Louis Blues. Be sure to watch it in "full screen" mode with the sound on. Nothing like being a speedy forward heading blindfolded into a train wreck!

Playoff's can equal Goof off's

The way to avoid expending mental energy on posting about heady political and philosophical topics and not feel guilty about shirking those important duties is to watch as much playoff hockey as possible. Granted, to me, that only means watching San Jose Sharks playoff games. Go Sharks!

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April 12, 2006

My lack of posting is due to.....