June 03, 2009

Very Disturbing Article Indeed

When the Russian newspaper Pravda runs a column that pronounces American capitalism is dead, one should stop and contemplate the course this country is taking. Pravda is the former state run newspaper of communist Russia. It was the mouthpiece of the regime.

"American Capitalism Gone With A Whimper" is the title of the opinion piece. This headline wouldn't stir any controversy if published in any right leaning conservative publication. It would be par for the course, even considered preaching to the choir. Published in Pravda makes it an entirely different animal.

Stand up, speak out. Contact your representatives. Call them out when they drop the ball or can't seem to tell the truth because they are too caught up in their own lies. Don't let them dictate the direction this country is headed as if no one cares. That may be asking too much. There is a multitude of citizens who are actually too busy watching American Idol and following the sleazy exploits of the pointless lives of Hollywood schmucks to care about the little details like freedom and liberty.