January 10, 2015

Since I Have Too Much Free Time

Well, actually I don't. However this link came up while browsing quickly through Digg's news app. I am not sure what category of news this page would be filed under but I am glad someone, somewhere actually had too much free time and took advantage of it. Thank you interwebs for stimulating my cortex.

Scroll Slow. Have Fun. http://www.scrollslowhavefun.com/

January 09, 2015

Trampoline Time

I put together a trampoline for the grandson's that their great Uncle Mike gave them for Christmas. They really have a good time on it.

My kids had one without the safety "cage". Big thanks to the lawyers for ruining everything fun.

And, They're Off....

I have a priceless package coming in the mail. Yesterday I initiated the process of applying for my pension benefits. While it is still a number of months away, it made me a bit giddy to know the ball is rolling and the paperwork to apply for benefits is in route.

I also received a phone call from the HR department of Fuel Delivery Services. Several days ago I had filled out an employment inquiry form on their website. Just basic information about myself and expressing interest in working with them.

Two instances on the same day cementing the reality that retirement and job change is truly on the way.