March 19, 2008

Great Bumper Stickers

Why in the Hell should I have to "Press 1 for English"?

To anger a Conservative, lie to him. To anger a Liberal, tell him the truth.

It will be a great day when all children go to private schools and the money wasted on public education will go to building bombers

**Here's a particularly edgy one....

I wish Hillary had married OJ

While in poor taste it is slightly humorous (more so to those with twisted humor senses)

Government: Getting nothing done, expensively

Anti-Global Alarmist Bumper Sticker

Isn't this great? I love it!

I poached the image from A page called "Veer to the Right".

March 09, 2008

Sliver Moon and Venus

Sliver Moon and Venus
Originally uploaded by sharkzʒan
Taken with my new Olympus SP560-UZ