July 11, 2005

Time Warp (or at least I would like to blame it on one!)

Amazing how quickly the time flies. My last post was right around the time that we got a new supervisor at our warehouse. I used to have plenty o' time for blogging!! He unfortunately comes in at 5:00am and normally hangs out all morning until I leave for my other job. It kind of puts a damper on my posting frequency. You say to yourself "why don't you blog at home?". To which I would reply, "I don't get paid for blogging off the clock."

Actually it seems as if my free time is spent doing the things around the house that I can't do because I'm working two jobs. My free time is really the time I use to do things that otherwise don't get done.

I have to tip my hat to Joe at Joe's Big Blog for getting me off my duff and posting again. He verbally berated me for being a lousy blogger. At the time I had to agree with him because I WAS/am a lousy blogger!! I hope I've reconciled with this post. There is a certain lack of content to this post, however. I am not exactly sure if I can be credited with an actual "posting" or just a puff piece to satisfy my detractors (read: Joe).

I'm striving to create a substantive post...really...I am!

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