January 30, 2006

Road Trip!

I don't mind driving. I really don't. I do it for a living at 2 different jobs. But I'll tell you, doing more than 1,000 miles in about 48 hours is no fun. San Jose to Dodge Ridge on a Monday, about 3 and a half hours. Stay for 4 more days then Dodge Ridge to San Jose, sleep a few hours then to Hollister to L.A. (sleep a bit) to Visalia, to Hollister to San Jose and I've pretty much killed any desire to go anywhere. Today I woke up late, never got dressed, was a TV vegetable, ate way too many carbs and will probably go to bed early.

I remember as a pre-teen I wanted to be a long haul trucker. Get paid to see the whole country. If there was any inkling of that desire left in me, it may very well have died this weekend.

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