April 19, 2007

Virginia Tech Not the Deadliest

Not to deminish the loss or grief at all but I stumbled across a reference to the Bath School Disater while searching for the latest on the Virginia Tech murders. This horrific event makes the Virginia Tech tragedy look like it was carried out by a pre-schooler. This guy went off the deep end long before he committed his crime. He had been preparing for months. This link has an incredible amount of detail regarding the crime. It looks as though Cho had been planning for quite some time as well. He had purchased his guns a month prior to the crime. He certainly did not act spontaneously.

There is some really good up-to-the-minute details and news here


  1. it's so funny because there was a story about this on our local news last night! i cannot even imagine how much it took to set up that much dynamite!

  2. hey were still finding more explosives in the building even after the fire was put out. This guy had spent months setting up the fireworks.


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