July 10, 2008

Political Compass Test

I followed a link from Joe's Big Blog to the Political Compass Test page and here are my results. I have to admit that some of the questions on the test I had never pondered so accuracy is relative. I was not necessarily surprised by my results. I think I would consider myself a bit more libertarian, however.


  1. OoOoOoOoh I took it too! Although I could'nt figure out how to link it like you did...and normally I get those things :O I was next to the Dahli Lama...he was a good guy, and Nelson Mandela...didin't he try to end slavery in Africa or something? It would'nt let me link pictures, but here is the URL. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/rawrmonkey/pcgraphpng.png

  2. Wow, somone other than Joe reads my blog!


Always glad to have some form of reaction/response to my posts. Caustic or otherwise.