March 02, 2009

Must See TV!

OMG! This is incredibly awesome! I poached it off of Joan Of Argghh!'s blog

I'm getting so sick and tired of sheeple all around me waiting for their share of the bailout. I keep telling them that they are PAYING for the bailout but they just don't get it. They continue grazing in an oblivious field of grass. I feel like I'm the Lone Ranger. I realize I am surrounded in a bastion of liberalism on the left coast of the continent but at some point SOMONE has to see the insanity happening around them!

Hats off to the folks in the video as they throw their hard earned dollars at Chuckie Schumer. He's the one who says the "American people don't care" about a little pork. You bastard! You work for us yet you spit in our faces as you laugh with contempt at us "regular" folk.

Mr. Schumer will surely reap what he sows in the afterlife.

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