August 30, 2009

Exclusivism That Welcomes All

I've been looking for a readable presentation on this topic for some time. While it could be headier than most care to read, I found it easy to follow. Even the circular philisophical questions make sense. If you have any interest (or even none for that matter) in the subject it's a very interesting read.

Exclusivism that welcomes all


  1. I write inklingz and wanted to say thanks. You're the first person that's linked me (of which I am aware). Thanks for reading! -slb

  2. Todd, could not find your email address, but wanted to say thanks for linking me. I am 33 years old and giddy that someone actually read and found value in my blog:) Can I ask you how you stumbled onto it? -steve

  3. You know, I'm trying to remember how I came across your blog. I think I was doing an apologetics search. A good friend of mine considers himself agnostic. I was looking for a readable contrarian point of view that wasn't over my (or his) head. Many philosophical and apologetics arguments become so complex to describe to the reader that they don't allow for laymen to grasp the concepts of the Biblical scholars. I think that's a shame because apologetics is incredibly relevant.

    I don't recall exactly how I came across your piece of the internet but I am glad I did!. I must say you have an easily accessible presentation of a complex subject.

  4. FYI: just revised this post for publication on my church.


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