March 04, 2006

American Spectator columnist hits home run

Ane excellent article, "Self-Appointed Clowns" over at The American Spectator. Brandon Crocker does a fine job of spelling out the ports deal and the politics that are being played.

If you believe that all the facts will come out in congressional hearings, and that our representatives will then come to informed and considered conclusions based on the facts, then you probably didn't watch the hearings on the NSA program, or on Hurricane Katrina, or the confirmation hearings for Sam Alito. Remember, the halls of Congress are not filled with statesmen; they are filled with John Kerrys, Ted Kennedys, and Chuck Hagels. The demanded hearings on the Dubai Ports World deal will not be used by many in Congress to learn the facts (which, for many, are immaterial), but to make speeches.

The amount of disinformation in the MSM is overwhelming. Each outlet is crafting a version of the story that fits their agenda. Most Americans are under the impression that the Bush administration has "sold us out" or turned over our ports to a nation with ties to terrorism.

As people who have been paying attention over the past week know, the pending purchase of P&O, which now operates six U.S. port facilities, by Dubai Ports World (owned by the United Arab Emirates), has nothing to do with handing port security or customs inspections over to a foreign company or country.

Follow the link, read the article, get informed, make your own decisions.

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  1. If folks actually got the facts they'd be surprised that not only has DPW stipulated to keep the current North American Management team from P&O, but also to unannounced employment file checks, manifest checks, and a dozen other security enhancements.

    The only thing that actually stinks about the whole deal is congress stepping in.


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