March 02, 2006

Hillary the Hypocrite?

This woman is as pure as the wind driven snow, or wait, did I mean to say as evil as the hell spawn. She is neither though some may dispute that finding and agree with my initial assertion. She is, however, a hypocrite who has sold her soul to the political equivalent of the devil. Meaning this creature will do anything to further her political career and ultimate goal of becoming the first female monarch of the U.S. This article from is a shining example of the former prez and the first lady on the top of their amoral game. Play both sides of the field, get what you want, compromise anything (morals, national security, laws, etc.). Even though there is this brief quip of Bill Clinton mentioning that some 9/11 money went through Dubai, it does not sound as if he's repenting about anything.

"...the former president publicly turned on his old friends from the UAE last Friday in a speech at Auckland, New Zealand. DP World, he said, 'is from UAE, where some of the money from 9/11 was laundered.'

If Democrats in general are divided publicly and privately on this issue, so is Bill Clinton as an individual."

That certainly was not a bombardment of accusations heaped upon a "former" friend by the former president. It sounds more like an obligatory mention because there is so much media hype. It may be a glimpse into his true position of being conflicted on the issue. There is a multitude of American's in that same position. I would count myself as one of them. Still searching for the truth......

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