December 09, 2006

Wow, apology is in order

I just noticed the date of my last post. What a pathetic statement that is! However there is always the prospect of posting pictures to count as a "post". It is cheating in a sense but at least it's fresh material!

It seems rather appropriate to post about something that's relative to the current headlines even if it's not much of a topic. But, here's the tree anyway.

And just for fun I'll throw in a picture of me in Guam around Christmas 1986. It was when I was with U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 74. This picture is on the job site near a town called Barrigada. We cleared 85 acres of jungle to build a 750 foot long range communication anttena (LORAN). The dirt that would stain everything a bright reddish brown color we called the "Barrigada Brown Funk". Notice the sleeping SeeBees on the benches in the back of the deuce-and-a-half (2 and 1/2 ton truck). We used to sleep like that driving on the way to the job site. Usually it was only when we were very hung over!

Below is the rebar "cage" that we would weld together. It was a 20' x 20' maze of steel. The carpenters would build forms around these and then we would pour 40 yards of cement (if I remember correctly) into them. They would be used as anchors for the guy wires for the antenna. I believe we built 8 of these all together. There were also another set of smaller anchors set farther out from the base of the antenna.

Hopefully this little trip in the "Way Back Machine" will appease my detractors. That would be assuming anyone actually reads my blog to begin with (thanks Mom). More stuff to come in the future (if we are that lucky).

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  1. About damn time you blogged something! You should be ashamed that a pagan like myself put up a tree picture before you did.
    Though I do find the shirtless pic of you quite sexy. Ooooh baby!


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