February 15, 2007

If The Previous Post Didn't Get You Thinking....

....then this one certainly should. That would be after you read it, of course. The column is A Skeptic's Take on Global Warming by Bill Steigerwald over at HumanEvents.com.

I need to add that the flurry of recent posting is mainly for my own edification. I had noticed that my tally of posts for 2007 was in the single digit range. I did not want to be summarily humiliated by Joe for my lack of posting. I do need to point out that Joe posts individual pictures as a single posting. Rather than post several pictures with descriptions on a single posting, Joe has felt the need to artificially inflate his numbers. I, however, find this to be a distasteful practice and frown upon those who use this system to manipulate their standing in the blogosphere hierarchy.

Hopefully Joe will actually read this post and I will get a reaction out of him. I think he has read one or two other postings of mine. He is a very busy man so I don't expect him to pay much attention to the amoeba's of the blogosphere like myself. I would like to take a moment to point out a grammatical error on his latest post. The title of his post is "A RV Blog". The abbreviation in the title is of the words "recreational vehicle". Truncating those words to a supposed acronym of "RV", creates a grammatical error. "A Recreational Vehicle Blog" is perfectly acceptable grammar. If we read the page "How To Use Articles", we can determine that Joe has incorrectly used the article "a" instead of the article "an" in his title.

The resource noted above should answer any questions in regards to the proper use of articles in titles, or anywhere else for that matter. The letter "r", when pronounced, uses a variation of an "a" sound. Therefore it must be preceeded by the article "an". The correct title for his post should be "An RV Blog".

This post makes me sound a bit like a Joe stalker of sorts. I'll get over it....

***looking forward to be flamed, Joseph!


  1. Todd, my brother, I read all of your posts, no matter how sporatic.
    You know I'm an e-tard and have yet to figure out how to put multiple pictures on one post. I know its not rocket science, but again, the e-tard runs deep in me. So, I compensate by one picture per post. When you get a grandbaby you'll see...
    And, if you ever take a vacation you workaholic (remember that our co-worker Dan M worked himself into the grave) you may have a pic or two to post.
    And, I didn't realize that "artifically inflating" my numbers would cause your panties to wrinkle. Maybe the real jealousy is because I do all my blogging on the clock and you just don't have the gravy job I have.
    And, when do I ever care what my "standing" is in the blogosphere? Surely you jest!
    Finally, I did edit my title, per your gracious advice. Y'know, that had me wondering if I was using the "a" and "an" correctly when using the acromym "RV". Its been a while since I've been in school and I was never any good at what the parts of a sentence were. I write well, but the mechanism of English grammar, well, not my strongest point of knowledge.

  2. I was just killing time and I needed a way to do that. I could really care less about any of that stuff I wrote about. I just wanted to get you writing something. It worked!



Always glad to have some form of reaction/response to my posts. Caustic or otherwise.