February 14, 2007

Thanks Joe!

Hat tip to Joe for the freebie advert! I appreciate the glowing remarks on my "skills" around the house. I must say that it's been 20 years since I have been actively doing any sort of construction/remodel work and the details definitely seem to fade with time.

On the sleep thing....I had mentioned a bit of insomnia the other day. Well, last night I woke up 45 minutes into my shift! I had been to a doctor appointment and had put my phone on vibrate. I do that because a certain fellow employee/friend tends to call, it seems, at the most in-opportune times. I never changed the ringer after the doctor and at two o'clock this morning I had that adrenaline rush wake-up. I looked at the clock and......@!%$?*&. I'm not sure exactly why I woke up from a sound sleep without an alarm clock. I popped awake like I had been startled by something and it was not the phone.

A couple of the guys had left a few voicemail messages for me on my cell. I called an asked if I had been replaced (secretly hoping I had been!) and was told "no". Begrudgingly I made my way in to work. Fortunately Wednesday is a small day paper-wise. There were only two sections to distribute so they were not short handed. There were still three guys distributing even without me being there.

Enough chatter, I've got another job to go to...yee haa!!

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