July 28, 2007

Founding Fathers' Faith - more stuff

I was surfing through my first day of vacation and came across a really interesting post about a book on the Founding Fathers' faith. The post was from January so the book has been out for awhile. Joe Carter of Evangelical Outpost has a mini "review" of the book, "The Faiths of the Founding Fathers" by historian David Holmes. It brings up the interesting idea that while not all of the Founders were, by any means, "Christian", none were atheistic. While the difference in type and scope of faith can be debated, there were no Founders that could be construed as atheists. While atheists may lay claim to the opinions of the founders showing that they were not "Christian", there are no quotes that can be construed as advocating atheism. It would appear that those of faith have more in common with the Founders views than those that cherry pick quotes to fit their agendas of debunking America as a nation of citizen's of faith.

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