July 17, 2007

The Latest Dispatch From Michael Yon

I can't contain my enthusiasm for this journalist and his articles. The most recent dispatch, Superman, was a whirlwind of a story. The high of victory, the low of defeat and essentially a happy ending. It was quite revealing to see how the media reported the situation involving the terrorist bomb attack on the Stryker vehicle in the story. Just a brief mention and stated as fact. The agenda being (IMHO), report as many U.S. soldiers killed as possible so as to deflate the public's support of the war. Not to mention, they're also aiding and comforting the enemy.
Four U.S. soldiers were killed today northwest of Baghdad when their Stryker vehicle was destroyed by a roadside bomb. Names of the service members are being withheld until notification of next of kin. The controversial Stryker vehicle is increasingly under fire by critics who claim that its armor is insufficient to protect troops in Iraq. Elsewhere, Iraqi and U.S. forces killed at least 50 people in Baghdad after three days of fighting in the area....
The real story was 180 degrees from what was reported in the mainstrem media. No one was killed. If you watch the terrorist propaganda video linked in Michael's Superman article, it is absolutely amazing that no one was killed. If you Google News search for "Four Soldiers Killed By Roadside Bomb Northwest of Baghdad" , none of the linked stories reports the truth of the event with the exception of Michael Yon's. Granted, he has first hand knowledge of the event but why was there no verification on the part of the MSM before they report four soldiers being killed, etc.? That's a rhetorical question that answers itself, of course. Because it is the MSM.

I don't part easily with my hard earned dollars but Michael Yon is a deserving recipient of them. I recently sent him some dinero through PayPal and will do so again in the future. He is placing his life on the line along with the heroic soldiers he is embedded with to bring us the truth about this conflict. I would urge everyone to spend some time on his site and read more of his articles AND contribute to his efforts!

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