February 28, 2009

Insanity Abounds

I never really understood the PETA folks and their desire to place animals above humans in the food chain. I can agree with the most basic tenet of their organization, the "Ethical Treatment" of animals. However, I have never been blind to their more radical agenda. After reading portions of Ingrid Newkirk's will (courtesy wnd.com), I realize this woman is literally insane. She wants "meat" from her body to literally be used for a barbecue!

Her funding of eco-terrorist Rod Conrado and many other whack jobs runs under the public radar. Many people think they are joining an organization that just seeks to "protect" animals without knowing what they are actually funding. It is not difficult at all to do a little research to find out the truly sinister activities of this organization.

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  1. It's scary how far something can be taken, innit? Give someone some money and a cause and you've got another religion on your hands. *lol*


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