February 07, 2009

You Hard Earned Tax Dollars Promoting Discrimination

The soon-to-be-passed Congressional "Porkulus" Bill is an economic nightmare waiting to happen. Not only for the tiny clause that is cited in this article, but for it's entire socialist agenda. Have any of you paid attention to where the Bastards are planning on spending YOUR money? Maybe I can help you see what they are trying to do by ramming this through because it's so urgent.

$600 million dollars for more energy efficient government vehicles! - If you assume that the average car they are purchasing is around $25,000 dollars, that is a purchase of 24,000 cars. Government spending money on itself does not stimulate the economy.

It prohibits the use of funds for..."a project for the construction, alteration, maintenance, or repair of a public building or public work unless all of the iron and steel used in the project is domestic, except in certain circumstances." - Well that should ensure that we get the biggest bang for the buck!

"Directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services to invest in the infrastructure necessary to allow for and promote the electronic exchange and use of health information for each individual in the United States, consistent with the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan developed by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology." - Nope, not Big Brother. Really! All your information will be secure and encrypted so there is no way for there to be a security breach. I promise!

Requires the application of certain federal labor standards to projects financed with clean renewable energy and conservation bonds, zone academy bonds, school construction bonds, and recovery zone economic development bonds." - read: special favor to lobbyists.

"Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act or the HITECH Act - Amends the Public Health Service Act to establish the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Sets forth provisions governing the development and adoption of a nationwide health information technology infrastructure that allows for the electronic use and exchange of information. Amends SSA title XVIII (Medicare) to establish incentive payments for certain eligible physicians and hospitals that adopt and use certified electronic health record (EHR) technology meaningfully, beginning in FY2011." - Ok, so 2011 is two years away. This will help the economy right now, HOW? It creates a massive new bueracracy that will never go away! Oh, that must be how. New government agencies employing new government workers using your hard earned money. Bastards!

These are just a few snippets from the nearly 700 pages of pork they are trying to sell to us. This is a crock and the Bastards know it. It's all of their pet projects rolled into a "porkulus" bill spurred by an "emergency" with an urgent request for action from the president. Did anyone happen to mention that this bill would increase your taxes by nearly $3,400 on average. Hmm, I guess we forgot to mention that.

I would urge everyone to at least skim through this monstrosity and see what the Bastards have been hard at work doing. They certainly have some stones. Unfortunately they believe we are all very stupid people. Well, we ARE stupid people for not voting them all out of office!


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