November 14, 2013

Every Noise at Once

The Every Noise at Once webpage was mentioned on the Armstrong and Getty radio show. Joe Getty has mentioned it several times over the last few weeks but I had never taken the opportunity to check it out. It is truly a unique resource.

If you've ever heard a journalist, talking head, hipster or even a friend mention a particular music style, this is the place to go to find out what the heck they are talking about. The conversation would go something like this;

"Dude! Have you listened to 'Killing Amnesty'? They're a new post grunge alt. country band."

You think to yourself, "Post-grunge? Alt country? I don't have a clue as to what they are talking about. Can somebody please tell me what those music genres sound like?"

Well, here you go. Every Noise at Once is just what you were asking for. There are clips of every music genre under the sun that also includes links to band listings.

Be sure you clear a spot on your calendar. This may require a commitment of time.

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