August 28, 2004

Hanging my head in shame

Yes, I am the lowest form of blogger. That of the "doesn't post more than once a quarter" ilk.

I humble myself before you in the hopes that your venom will not exacerbate my already putrid wounds of shame.

Wow, now that was an awful senetence. I wonder if that could win one of those "worst" writing contests. Anyway I am informally apologizing for my lack of blogging persistance. Those of you who have already received a formal apology from me verbally may skip this post and wait for the next one.
(that might be a while considering my posting history!)
Of course, you have already completed reading this post if you read this far. Again my apologies for being a pitiful blogger. I will strive for timely updates in the not too distant future!

Do the right thing and visit this site and send a link to anyone you believe could benefit from it.

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