June 27, 2004


When the opportunity knocks sometimes it's hard to tell if it's for you or not.

Maybe I should take the position. It certainly has better days off and they don't rotate every month. The hours are a little more tolerable. I would get my Class A drivers license which could benefit me in more ways than one. It would lead to a pay raise at the part-time job. That's good. There would be less "customer service" involved. The current position essentially only deals with customer problems, never a really positive aspect to my day. I would be basically on my own to complete the task. I like that. I would be able to attend church regularly again. I really miss going. Right now I only have a couple months out of the year when I can go since I work most Sundays. I rely on music alot to help me maintain my faith.

The drawbacks are a bit less money. The start time is early evening. That kind of shoots down my social calendar. Although....come to think of it....I have no social calendar so it really doesn't weigh on me that much. I would hardly see the family during the week but I would have every weekend off. I would be stuck on the job for at least one year before I could move to another one. My workday would start around noon at the part-time job and finish about 3am at the regular job. It appears I may have more sleep time with this arrangement but it would also require me to work four days a week at 2 jobs. Currently, depending on my days off, I generally only work 2 jobs on two days a week. Consistently working 4 straight could take it's toll. Another important consideration would be that I would have to TiVo almost all of the San Jose Sharks games since my start time would be before game time. I realize this is a minor distraction to most of you but it does require some consideration

So much to think about and I only have until Wednesday at noon to decide. Say a little prayer.


  1. Your a bad blogger...you haven't updated in a long time. Shame shame.

    -Tiffany aka anonymous

  2. If you would have mentioned your interest in Transportation to the God of the nightside, I could have told you to GET YOUR CLASS A you big dummy


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