September 03, 2004

Post RNC buzz

Two posts within 5 days!!
This must be my new leaf turning over. I think actually it was the motivation of a positive message from the RNC this week. I know I must be a toatlly pathetic political geek to have watched the convention. I even went so far as to TiVo it so I wouldn't miss Bush's speech!

I really feel proud to be an American after a week of uplifting motivational speeches which helped to keep us focused on our goal of destroying the murderous Islamo-fascists. The recent kidnapping and murder of hundreds of Russian men, women and children by Chechnyan seperatists (STOP CALLING THEM THAT! THEY ARE ISLAMO-FASCIST TERRORISTS!) only reinforces the need for us to be on the offensive and to completely obliterate Islamo-fascism. These evil barbarians have no regard for human life. Therefore it is only fitting that we have no regard for their lives in hunting down and killing every last one of them.

Oh, My!! that doesn't sound too politically correct Mr. Blogger!

You are correct! If we do not destroy them first, it is obvious that they have no qualms about destroying us. It is a horrifying thought to actually be advocating killing people. Unfortunately the terrorist Islamo-fascists do not have the same moral foundation as the civilized world. These fanatical zealots kill their own children by encouraging them to be homocide bombers. They teach them how to kill "the infidels" in their perverted "schools". They teach their children that they will be glorious martyrs when they murder innocent people in their quest for religious world homogenization. Islam is the only true religion and all non-believers should be killed they are told. They tell them that allah will bless them and let them rape 72 virgins in "heaven" after they kill their innocent victims and their selves. What a disturbing tenet of a violent religion that is. If we do not kill them first, they will, without batting an eye, kill us. It may be very disturbing but I certainly think we need to get them before they get us!

How many more horrific murders need to occur before you sheeple understand that this is not just a fight for America, it is a fight for civilization! WAKE UP!!

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