February 28, 2006

A funny thing happened on the way to....

I began my search for new and titillating news on "portgate". I read this, I read that, I got ill from all the political posturing. The MSM coverage is horrid. Blogdom is really the only space to go when searching for the truth. Needless to say the suffering I felt from my aquisition of the "political posturing and obfuscation" illness drove me to relenquish my attempt at another "portgate" post.

I began wandering aimlessly looking for solace and refuge in the far corners of blogdom. I went from Joe's Big Blog to Vox Popoli , to Normal Rockstar to The Crystal Lake Observatory. It was an interesting blog title so my curiosity was piqued. The page loaded, I glanced at his links. I think that personal links posted by bloggers can sometimes help to add a sort of substance to who they are and their opinions. Also it could be me wanting to give that substance to them. Either way, that's not the point I'm trying to make. Actually I'm not making any point. I just found a very interesting resource at Answers in Genesis. They provide in depth answers to many question's regarding creation, God, evolution, etc. The introductory article, Creation: 'where's the proof?', gives solid explanations and logical and rational arguments. It also exemplifies quite well, the general philisophical atmosphere of the articles. Usually it's logic that disipates when people with opposing viewpoints try 'persude' each other that their opinion is correct. I highly recommend a visit to the site.

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