February 19, 2006

Job Promotion

What a huge responsibility! I've been added to my buddies blog as an administrator. Joe's Big Blog will hopefully take a flying leap, wait a minute, improve by leaps and bounds. That sounds better. I have been given the keys to the castle, the bar is open, it's a free for all, let's roll. This just may propel me into another tax bracket if all goes well. I'll be able to bilk several dollars worth of free gifts out of my employer in lieu of that astronomically high salary he is anticipating having to put up for the technical help I'm providing.

(insert evil laugh here)

I may be making too much of this "appointment" to such a position. Maybe not. It just seems like I can get a lot more mileage out of it if I play it up as something really huge. A step up on the social register, schmoozing ammunition, ego fodder. Call it what you will. Joe's Big Blog will never be the same. Don't look back, take no prosoners, full speed ahead, bombs away and whatever other cliche' you can think of.

Thanks Joe!

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