September 19, 2006

Media Predisposition to Bash Bush

mThe media bias never stops. There is a prediposition for advancing the causes of the enemy. In this article from the Wichita (Kansas) Eagle, the story has the Bush administration preparing for their deceptive tactics to take us into war with Iran. They set the stage for questioning whatever policy positions the administration determines on Iran.

"It seems like Iran is becoming the new Iraq," said one U.S. counterterrorism official.

This official and others spoke on condition of anonymity because the information involved is classified.

The MSM completely miss the story when they have an opportunity to Bush bash. The "investigative", "unbiased" journalism which I'm sure they believe they are doing is really opinion journalism. The quote below from the Wichita Eagle shows this by the inclusion of one word! "unusual"

The International Atomic Energy Agency complained in an unusual letter made public on Thursday that a House intelligence committee report on Iran contains "erroneous, misleading and unsubstantiated information."

Simply by removing the word unusual you have an unbiased assesment of the letter. Throughout the article there are only "sources", "analysts" and "officials" quoted. Who are these people and what are their credentials? The article reads more like a gossip column.

We can always count on the MSM to talk to unnamed or anonymous sources in regards to classified information. Apparently our safetey and the safety of the men an women in the armed forces is not a concern when it applies to "getting the story".

If you read the "unusual" letter it appears (in my humble opinion) that Mr. Vilmos Cserveny from the Office of External Relations and Policy Coordination is upset that the perception of Iran is that of a sinister nation. I think the most telling paragraph is the second to last where he states,

"Finally, it is also regrettable that the Staff Report did not take into account the views of the United Nations Security Council..."


That sentence alone is enough to relegate the whole letter to being bird cage liner. When has the UN Security Council ever accomplished anything? The United Nations is a joke! The organization is like the points awarded in the comedy show "Who's Line is it Anyway?". They just don't matter. Like the Surgeon General's warning on a pack of cigarettes.

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