September 11, 2006

Tribute to Ada M. Davis - 1944 to 9/11/01

Today, 9/11/06 I am paying tribute to Ada M. Davis as part of the 2996 Project whose goal is to have 2,996 individual bloggers each post a memorial to one of the victims of 9/11. She was a civilian employee with the U.S. Army.
Ada was 57 years old when she was taken from us. She was from Camp Springs, MD. Her life was taken from her at The Pentagon 5 years ago today - 9/11/01.

These links will take you to sites that have memorial tributes to her from friends and family. Their words can certainly tell more about her than my humble tribute. Please take a moment to visit one of the links below and share in her memory.

Her memorial page at

Her memorial page at

Her memorial page

9-11 Heroes memorial page

Leave a message for her at

Ada's quilt square on

The Sonic Memorial Project

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