September 21, 2006

Tom's Memorial

It took longer than I expected to get this finished but I'm happy with the results. My brother-in-law, Tom Eckhardt was much too young to have passed away. He was 44. That's only two years ahead of me. I felt a need to have something lasting that I could see any time I needed to remember. Tom was a genuine guy. He had his struggles just like every other human on this planet, but he was a good guy and I'll miss him a great deal.

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  1. Todd, I don't know you or your family. I was just idly click through blogs when I came across your blog. I am so sorry to hear of your family's loss. Your tribute video is beautiful. I can't explain it, but watching the video I find myself grieving for you and your family, especially when I saw the pictures of the kids. Like you, I am a Christian. Being a Christian has helped me understand death is a necessary door to returning to God. I have also come to realize everything happens according to God's will. We enter life when we are suppose to and we exit life when we are suppose to. More than anything else, faith in God, trust in God, and knowing God loves us is the only thing that gets us through the necessary doors of life. God Bless! . . . and I love your quote from Ben Franklin.


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