January 09, 2007

I just thought I would post this early '80's pic of my wife's "Grandpa B" and me. The post had no particular motivating factor. I think the fascination stems just from looking at it and saying to myself..."what was I thinking?"

The hair, the flannel, the 80's.....it's all pretty surreal.

Grandpa B isn't with us any more and neither is that mane I had (thankfully). It is, however, a moment in time to remember. Grandpa B always had a grin on his face and a good laugh just behind. He drove a cement truck for many years. He owned his own home. Seasonal work like his had to be hard. I don't believe he ever really learned to read or write. He knew enough to get by. Enough to sign his name on a check to pay the bills. He always had the oil in his car changed every 3,000 miles or less, just like clockwork. Tires rotated on time. His cars were kept immaculate. You could swear they were just driven off the dealer showroom floor. He might have put 2,000 or 3,000 miles a year on them! He would be the kind of seller you would dream of buying a used car from. He had WWII stories from his time in the Army in Italy. He was truly a Grandpa to remember.

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  1. didn't we all used to wear our hair long like that? At least some of us still have hair, though the grey monster has come for me with a vengance!


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