January 27, 2007

Vacation, and not a moment too soon!

After I punch out this morning I have 10 glorious days off! Well, I guess I can't really categorize them as glorious since I will be doing things like re-tiling and grouting my kitchen counter tops, painting and possibly even re-doing the floor in one of my bathrooms. Maybe I should just stay at work and not take the vacation?

I might get to a few more postings on vacation than I do in a regular work week (or month). Joe would probably say that any post is more than I do now. If I could only achieve one tenth of the posts that Joe does, I would be a better man for it.

Just a quick link as I get out of here. Oliver North has a great piece on the politicians who just don't care about the outcome in Iraq.

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  1. My brother, you can post! Channel yourself into the energy and let it flow out your fingers onto the keyboard.
    Or, get a job at the paper that allows you time to blog on the clock. Oh, wait. I already have that job!


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