March 31, 2007

Shmuley on 'Hotel Rwanda'

Bill Clinton's infamy with regards to Rwanda will tarnish his presidency forever

This is an amazingly gut-wrenching article written by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. It's a painful read. I have yet to see the movie "Hotel Rwanda" but I do intend to do so. While a movie cannot supplant acurrate historical information, I think I can get the gist of the horror. I can recall my bewilderment at the governments' lack of intervention during the genocide. I had the same bewilderment as U.S. troops landed on the shores of Haiti under the halogen camera lights of CNN and the other alphabet soup networks. I could not understand why we were having live television coverage of an humanitarian mission that looked like an oddly orchestrated invasion. These are the scenarios that occur when politicians who "loathe the military" get involved with commanding those same forces. Interestingly enough, Clinton deployed the armed forces more often than any other U.S. President. Not bad for a guy who loathed them!

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