March 11, 2007

Stumbled Across

I seem to be doing alot of stumbling lately. Whether it's in life or on the job or even, yes, on the web. I've most recently stumbled across while trying to find a way to post audio to my blog. Unfortunately you can't. Previously we were able to do an audio post on Blogger with a phone call, kind of nifty. No mas (that's "no more" for those of you not living in Mexifornia). So here's a site that allows you to podcast for free. Anyway, this is my PodBean page. After you read the post you have to clink the link in the right hand column to hear the song. I was a newbie and didn't find out about that until after I entered my text!! Maybe my buddy Joe will get sucked into the podcasting vortex as well. I would actually love to listen to his rants more than I would read them. He has such a quiet and demure way of getting his point across (luv ya Joe!)

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