March 10, 2007

Suave and Debonair

I just had to post this pic of my father in 1957. He was on a date with my mother. They were on Mackinac Island in New York. My father says he doesn't remember ever seeing this picture. I think he looks quite elegant with his hankerchief in the breast pocket of his jacket. While the quality of the picture is 1957 it doesn't change the image of him in that moment in time. When folks went out in that era, this is how they dressed. You went to the movies or theater and you dressed up. Out to dinner? Dress up. He recently had his 75th birthday and when I was putting together his memory book of the party, I came across a lot of old photos that were really great pictures.

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  1. If you look at pictures of older casino scenes the patrons were all dressed up as well. Hell, even at the baseball games people wore a tie. I'm sure glad I wasn't alive at that time, having to wear that shit. I"m never wearing a suit, tie, or uncomfortable shoes ever again.


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