September 28, 2008

I Love eMusic

There is so much cool stuff to discover. I have found so many new bands that are my "new favorite" that I can't keep track of them. If you subscribe they usually give you about 50 or 75 free downloads just for trying them out. There is also a free daily download plus you can seach for albums that have free tracks on them. The price is right as well. You can be a "Basic" subscriber for $11.99 a month and get 30 downloads. That's less than .40 cents per track!!

One thing to be conscious of is that eMusic promotes independant artists and labels. You can find some mainstream stuff but you might as well go pay more at iTunes if you're looking for Top 40 fluff. This site is for adventurers looking for something new to listen to. A band or a sound or a style unheard by you before. It's like going on an expedition and making a discovery every time you log on.

Click the post title to check it out.


  1. Yes E Music is great. Got me into a lot of bands I would have never heard of without them.

  2. I try to prolong the amount of time I have to go without fresh downloads by spreading my downloads out over the month. I could probably do them all in one day but then I'd have to wait a month for a fix!!!


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