September 27, 2008

Ignored By The Mainstream Media

Very few media outlets have chosen to delve into Barack Hussein Obama's past in any meaningful sense. His association with a known terrorist and murderer who now is a professor at a midwest university is blown off as being merely an aquaintance. Do we not as rational humans choose who we will associate with? Of, course we do.

This series of Investor's Business Daily editorials reveals more than I have seen or heard in my purposeful attempts at research on Barack Hussein Obama. There is a warehouse worth of information that is not being disclosed to the public. The alphabet soup networks and their talking heads, newspapers and nightly newscasts all ignore the FACT that Obama is a socialist and it can be proven by his own voting records. I really think there should be some sort of test formulated for voter registration. Maybe even at the voting booth. It could go something like this -

a) Who is the current Secretary of State
b) Who is the current Speaker of the House
c) Who is the current Vice President

If you can't pass this simple test (and it is simple if you even remotely follow the news) you should not be allowed to vote. I know, people will howl at the thought of denying anyone the right to vote. I believe voters that are informed by nothing more than a 30 second soundbite on the incredibly biased 6:00 news or a glance at a typical left-wing newspaper headline have no business making life and death decisions for the country. I am not being alarmist when I say life and death decisions, I am being a realist. The individual who moves into the Whitehouse come next January will determine our course through these extremely dangerous times.

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