November 06, 2008

Big Brother Is Watching

I loathe photo radar and photo traffic lights. Not because I could be caught by them, but because there is unmanned monitoring of activities. The idea that your every step (or mis-step in these cases) is monitored on a video screen for the purpose of collecting revenue for the municipality is a travesty.

The Washington Times has an article titled "Street Sweepers Turning To Spies". It's almost too Orwellian to believe. I suppose that statement in itself is incorrect in that a large portion of the fictional activities in the book "1984" have come to fruition. The sheeple mindlessly allow it to happen right under their grazing noses.


  1. I've been bitching about photo radar and camera enforcement for quite a while. Its all a scam.

  2. You would think the cameras would allow the municipalities to LAY OFF SOME JERKWADS TRAFFIC COPS, right?


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