November 27, 2008


My wife was reading my blog the other night while I was at work. She mentioned how she used to enjoy reading it (oops!). It used to be funny, she said. Now it's all anti-Obama posts.

OK, I get the hint. I'll knock off the politics. Nothing is more devisive than talking about politics and religion. Folks have their mind made up from very early on in life and it is nearly impossible to sway them from their beliefs. That's not to say that dialogue and vigorous debates are not encouraged. It just means I would be pretty hard pressed to cite an actual case where my opinion changed another persons mind on a particular subject. be be more apolitical and nonreligious I'll share this bit of humor with you!

Domino's Scientists Test Limits Of What Humans Will Eat


  1. GOTTA love The Onion! Happy Turkey, dude!

  2. Send your wife by my blog if she's looking for funny. Of course it takes an odd sense of humor to stomach some of the stuff I find.


Always glad to have some form of reaction/response to my posts. Caustic or otherwise.