June 22, 2004


Please, please stop with the alphabet soup channels (AbcNbcCbs) "news" about Bill Clinton's book. Where's my duct tape? I can't take it!
Sitting, staring, waiting. That's how the whole blogger thing works, right? You sit in front of the computer, stare at the screen and wait for inspiration.

(crickets chirping)

I think it's here...no...wait, that's just indigestion. Must be the 5:30 am Turkey and Ham Pannido. How about those Giants! Not being a follower of the sport I suppose I shouldn't make remarks that sound like I might be interested.
It's that time of day where I'm "in between" jobs. I just had an exhilirating rush of adrenaline when I punched the timeclock. That lasted all of a nano-second knowing I have to drive across the bay on the Dumbarton Bridge to punch another time clock. I like to take the optimists point of view when relating my work situation:
"I'm fortunate enough to have 2 jobs when 5.6% of the population doesn't have ANY job!" (oh what I wouldn't give to be gainfully UNemployed).
I believe I should muster up enough blind ambition to head out the door to do all that bay crossing, time clock punching stuff. I'll save the good stuff for later....

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