June 23, 2004

Working for the weekend...sort of.

It's Friday and not a moment too soon! Well, Friday for me that is and not actually a FULL Friday. Only a partial Friday really. I don't get a true Friday until Thursday after the part time job. Then it will be the eve of the actual Friday. Which, in reality will be my Saturday. The weekend, which only lasts for the actual day of Friday because part of the partial Friday was used on Thursday which is my regular jobs' Friday, will be a welcome respite (probably an improper sentence).

This means that on Saturday, which is my Monday at the regular job, I can enjoy my Sunday from the part time job. Since every weekend is a three day weekend at the part time job, I can actually enjoy two consecutive days as Sundays. This would mean that my regular job Tuesday is also a part time job Sunday giving me the additional energy recharge from an added weekend day while participating in a midweek regular day. This midweek regular day then becomes an internal expression of hope, extending beyond the single hump of hump day to resemble, shall we say, a camel with two humps. This camel would have additional reserves of water because of the added hump. Translate this into work days and you have an additional reserve of energy provided from the additional hump day of Tuesday (from the part time job). This of course is not to be confused with the Monday hump day from the regular job. Therefore my Monday at the part time job is a hump day Wednesday at the regular job.

Please pass the duct tape.

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