September 30, 2004

Another job proposition??

Strangely this comes at a time of change in my current job. The other manager that I've worked with for nearly ten years has taken a position at another location within the company. That means his job is up for grabs. I have an inkling as to who might want it but nothing is a sure bet. The main reason I have stayed at the current location is because we have a good working relationship and we are also good friends. We have both been talking about moving on to another job within the company because this one is becoming unmanageable. I had tried for another job (see previous posts) without success.

This job offer is beyond the confines of the current job. This would require a major shift in outlook on life in general. I would be working days instead of nights. If the pay is right I could quit my second job (that alone would make it worthwhile!)The position would have no protections like the current job does. There would be no guarantees of any type. It would, however be a fascinating place to work! If the company could meet the salary requirements I listed on the resume I would seriously consider the move. It's rather unnerving considering all the implications of the change. Nearly 18 consecutive years at one job and in a leap of blind faith leaving that comfort?? Hmmm, I don't know!! I'm currently waiting for them to contact me. I think if I knew that they wanted me and had an idea of what my responsibilities would be, I could make up my mind fairly easily.

More to come....

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