September 17, 2004

How stupid we are!

This MSNBC article has about as much rationale as Dan Rather saying that even if the documents are forged we still need answers to the questions in them. The headline is completely misleading. There were WMD's post Gulf War and there was a massive cover-up by the Iraqi regime. This is verifiable through the UN's own documentation.


It's a rather lenghty documentation but if you scroll to some key dates you can see the pattern of blatant deception and refusal to cooperate with inspectors. Start with 19Mar1992 then skip to 1Jul1995, 8Aug1995, Sep1997, Oct1997 and 8Apr1998. If you read all of the entries between these dates you see comment after comment of refusals, denials, retractions, failures, rejections, condemnations and the list goes on.

The MSM hopes that the "sheeple" will only read the headline. Their ADD symptoms will barely allow them reach a cognitive conclusion from that one broken sentence. All the information the "sheeple" will need is contained in that brief headline statement of "Iraq had no WMD".

You will be assimilated....

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