September 16, 2004

Wow! Blogs can do that??

I am in awe of the impact that bloggers have had on the Rathergate or docugate or whatever scandal it should be called. Huge Kudos to the Hugh Hewitt show for consistantly having blogger guests on his program. It's really an exciting time for the "blogosphere". There are people just like you and me (well, maybe not me...or you for that matter) that are having an impact on the national political scene and helping keep the crooks in line and under the microscope.

A few short months ago I signed up for this "blog thing" I heard about from a friend. I really had no idea how important it already was. I was a victim of the MSM even though I thought I was getting some alternative news here and there. The sheer amount of punditry available in the blogospere is mind boggling. Granted not all opinions are as tasty or filling as others but the vast menu makes it impossible to go hungry for news and information! I could only hope that one day my simpleton opinions will be bantered about on the Northern Alliance Radio Network or linked to from Little Green Footballs or Powerline. Oh, that I would have an eight hour (or less) work day and be able to blog for another 16!! I suppose the meals of Top Ramen and Saltines would aggravate the family types that live in the house. A ration of iced Chai and some other blended beverages that cost waaay too much should squelch any signs of rebellion for a day or two.

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