May 20, 2007

2 Dead in Church After Idaho Shootings

Stay tuned for more on this. It will be interesting to find out the identity of this bloke. I'm just wondering if he has any friends living near Fort Dix. No identities have been released as of yet. Witnesses said the gunman fired on the courthouse to get people to come out. He was just trying to kill as many people as possible. Same MO as the 6 Islamo-fascists that were arrested before committing their terrorist act against the soldiers at Fort Dix. I heard an NPR interview gloss over this as a few crazy individuals with easy access to guns just wanting to kill people. That's a bunch of "B"arbara "S"treisand. It was documented that those guys were Islamo-nazi's. Why did they get a pass on this? Why are we supposed to be so tolerant of people living in our country illegally (not just from the southern border) who desperately want to kill all of us in as brutal a fashion as possible?

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