May 25, 2007

Just Can't Get Enough has me hooked like a bad habit. I have discovered mountains of new music on there. I listen to stuff I never would have considered listening to before. Some of that would be -
Evil Nine, Wagon Christ, Underworld, RJD2 and Girlsareshort. There are too many to list but you can check out what I've downloaded and listen to 30 second clips. Some of the clips aren't always the best example of the songs. For instance, on an eight minute electronic, house or downtempo song, you only get a thirty second clip. That in no way can define the entire song. The price of a monthly subscription to eMusic makes it easier to take a chance on a track you are not sure of but intrigued by. My subscription is on the old pricing scale, before the increase. I pay 0.249 cents a song where as the new rates are 0.33 cents a song. It also depends on the program you sign up for. I have the cheapest one being the scrooge that I am. You can save even more by getting annual subscriptions. The most expensive is just under $360 for two years. You get 75 downloads a month. Overall, it's the cheapest because the songs are only 0.199 cents a piece.

I sound like some sort of schill for eMusic, don't I? Notice the strategically placed link. I just love the site and probably spend way too much time on it. The $10 bucks that I spend a month on this service gives me more entertainment than all the other things I spend that amount on.

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